SoundPeats QY7 Wireless Bluetooth long term review!

Hi Just wanted to give an update on the SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth headphones. I did a review video on my YouTube channel about a month ago. I went over all the components. Now after using the product on a daily basis. This is what my conclusion was. The headphones overall for the money have performed well. The base and volume is strong! So strong I find myself lowering the volume at times. Pairing is extremely easy. Especially with an IPhone. I have paired the headphones with both the 5s and the 6. When I have had the headphones off or they have discharged. One simple hold of the button says “Power on” Connected” And the music is rolling at that point.

The wireless range of the headphones impressed me. They were tested in an industrial environment. There were lots of opportunities for the sound signal to be diminished by “RFI” Radio frequency interference. It took over 80 feet to see any drop in signal. I intentionally walked into other buildings to get the signal to drop. After so much metal and concrete the signal disappears.

Again overall these headphones have impressed me. I have a Link to amazon at the beginning.


Thanks for reading!

Chuck Gerchow

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