Is Ebay Feeling the Panda?

So a couple days ago eBay started to see some of Their pages drop in rankings from Google. There was a lot of buzz about just what might have taken place. Many thought this may have been part of the Google Panda roll out that occurred last summer. This roll out bumped a lot of affiliate marketers from Their website ranking positions.

There are unofficial reports floating around that suggests that Google manually penalized eBay for bolstering up their auction listings with so called “door way” pages that linked to different categories and sub categories.

I had noticed the rankings being really high in the past several months for eBay listings. If you typed in let’s say “Tires” and one would expect National Tire retailers like Discount Tire or Sears. But instead you would get an Ebay listing at the very top or close to it.

This Move has not been confirmed by either Google or eBay. But the evidence is on the page ranks for sure.

Chuck Gerchow

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