What is the ROI of SEO?

There is a lot of buzz lately about the return on investment of search engine optimization. Especially for large business. However like many know Seo is not an exact science. Especially when it comes to Google. In almost any other scenario one can anticipate if X+y=z. That is not the case with Seo. The way pages rank and how they are lifted organically is completely different to normal business models. Think of this Commercial real estate,Brick and mortar retailing,insurance. These businesses have a certain element of predictability. If the proper information is gathered. Wither it be demographics. There is a certain degree of assurance that if money is spent there will be a return on investment.

SEO does not hold that promise. If mass back links are deployed Google spiders may knock your search ranking.
Search engine optimization is a series of trial and error. Putting quality content and articles relevant to a certain subject. All this requires patience and is not an overnight success by any means. Article by article. Video by video of relative content about a certain subject and the page rank will start to move usually.

There is always the competition angle. Just like in the brick and mortar world of having four different gas stations on one corner. There is a one in four chance that a customer will choose that other station and not yours. That is where the keyword comes in. The Keyword will tell how much competition is out there so that you can rank for a keyword that doesn’t have four gas stations on the same corner.

So in closing SEO may be the one thing in business that operates like play doe and is not predictable.

Chuck Gerchow

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