Blue Yeti Microphone

Hey this is Chuck Gerchow. If you have ever considered getting into podcasting. Doing serious voice over work for your youtube channel.

The Blue Yeti is one of the most advanced versatile usb microphones on the market today. In fact it has pretty much become the gold standard in broadcast microphones. The Yeti even five years ago would easily have been a several hundred dollar if not thousand dollar microphone. Something reserved for the studio recording industry.

This Microphone has four different pattern settings. Each one brings a unique quality audio experience to the end user. In the video I’m inserting in this blog post. I want to talk about the sensitivity of this yeti! This microphone is crazy sensitive. If you have a dryer or washer on the other side of the house going. It will pick it up. True story. Also make sure you do not grab the yeti while recording. Any movement will be picked right up. vibration from your computer. The iMac that is setting on my desk. It actually gives a certain amount of vibration. Who knew? Well the Yeti picks this right up and gives a nice hum through my entire recording.

Anyhow that is what I will be covering in this video. Thanks for watching and reading!





Chuck Gerchow

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